Born from an obsessive love of good design, our collections spotlight new products and ranges that inspire you to explore new creative avenues in your home. A blend of imagination and thought, these catalogues focus on furniture and homeware and serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

Explore interesting textural compositions, discover new sofa ranges, or be surprised by uniquely used materials. Our collections are created to enhance your quality of life at home, inviting moments of reflection and sanctity. 

Inhabit the Iconic

The iconic is a meeting point. A place where raw forms collide with refined designs to curate authentic spaces for living.

Dream State

A sanctuary, a quiet place for a moment of pause, an undisturbed retreat – our latest collection of bedding is a tactile exploration of comfort. 

Unearthed Narratives

Our latest collection unearths the narratives told by nature over centuries in an unadorned celebration of raw forms and artisanal craftsmanship.

Festive Feast

A time for gathering in the warm presence of a bountiful table shared with loved ones, indulge in dining this festive season with our new crockery, glassware and tableware collections.

Outdoor Living

Our new collection is more than just statement furniture; it’s about creating endless outdoor living spaces to entertain, relax, and turn your outdoor areas into paradise.

Rest, Refined

Sleep in style with this collection of pieces designed by Weylandts with inspiration from Japan to Scandinavia, infused with African richness.

Moth to a Flame

Our candles, candleholders and votives are a simple yet powerful way to bring atmosphere to a space. The organic shapes, in dark and earthy colours with metallic textures, become pieces of art while the scents of Oudh and sandalwood evoke a sense of calm.

Grounded in Simplicity

The clean lines, textured surfaces and geometric shapes of concrete are juxtaposed with organic forms, natural hues and the glossy stoneware glazes to create our latest outdoor concrete and ceramic furniture collection. Through design, each piece in the range highlights the qualities of its materials, functionality and expert craftsmanship.

Of the Earth

Bring the outdoors in with our latest collection of vases that celebrates organic shape and form. Informed by patterns and textures found in nature, these vessels showcase the work of master glassblowers who craft each piece using age-old techniques.

A Curated Life

With its beginnings in the architecture of grand temples and palaces, wood carving as an art form has existed in India for thousands of years. By reimagining them for the modern home, we continue the legacy of these functional works of art.

Gather Round

Celebrating the palette of nature, and the patterns of traditional craft, we’ve travelled the world to find tableware that inherently honours the irregular through its tactile textures and organic forms.

Crafting Spaces with Substance and Soul

Generous both in their scale and design, this collection of comfortable furniture pieces was created for maximum relaxation – whether seated at the dinner table or resting in a chair. 

Made with jute grown and harvested over time, the Jute Collection celebrates the innate beauty of this hardy, sustainable material. 

This collection is more than just a selection of exceptional pieces – its value lies in the journey it took to create them.

With a focus on the journey and not the destination, this collection is about connecting, sourcing and gathering seasonal ingredients, and sharing food and wine on laid-back tablescapes.

The new range of leather chairs exemplifies an understated design. Featuring a combination of steel and natural leather, the attention to detail and workmanship make these pieces minimalist and refined. 

With this range, we've taken the best of what we've created over three generations in partnership with Indonesian artisans and redefined it into an iconic heirloom collection steeped in heritage.